‘Lucifer’ Bosses on Designing Heaven and How Season 5’s Cliffhanger Will Play Out in the Final Episodes – What's new drama?

‘Lucifer’ Bosses on Designing Heaven and How Season 5’s Cliffhanger Will Play Out in the Final Episodes


SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the second half of “Lucifer” Season 5, streaming now on Netflix.

“Oh my Me.”

After initially struggling with the concept of taking on God’s (Dennis Haysbert) powers, the final episode of “Lucifer’s” fifth season found the titular character (played by Tom Ellis) unwittingly becoming the new Almighty.

Initially, his intentional was selfless: During a battle with his brother, Michael (also Ellis), Lucifer’s long-time partner/love Chloe (Lauren German) was killed. He went to Heaven to retrieve his girlfriend and seemingly sacrificed himself so she could return to Earth. But as she was dropped back into battle with Michael, Lucifer reemerged, and the angels around him bowed down, realizing he appeared to have a whole new subset of powers.

But that wasn’t the only shakeup the show had to contend with: COVID-19 shut down production as they were filming Season 5’s final hour, which led to them having to drastically change plans for the episode’s big battle.

Here, Henderson and Modrovich discuss introducing Heaven, working around the global pandemic, Lucifer’s new powers, and crafting the final season.

Last time, you shared that you stopped writing this episode in Act 6 when they approached you about another season. When it came to crafting that final moment in the Season 5 finale, how much did you tweak because you knew it was going to be a season finale cliffhanger instead of a beat in the series finale?

Idly Modrovich: Weirdly, nothing really changed. It was very strange how it all happened; it was very serendipitous when we look back on it. The only thing that changed in the end was Lucifer’s last line. And that happened on the day; that happened at the Coliseum, when we were messing around and throwing different alts to Tom.