Bo Burnham: Inside Songs Ranked from Worst to Best

Billed as a stand-up special, Burnham’s latest musical comedy endeavor finds the former wunderkind holed up and feeling more uncomfortable than ever. Writing, editing, directing, and performing from a claustrophobic studio, Burnham’s stand-up special skews more toward being a straight-up musical, and not because the special is light on jokes and missing an audience. Rather […]

Why Tilda Swinton Remains an Artist for the Ages

I have great admiration for people who refuse to fit in, go against type and live by their own rules and convictions. I applaud those who are bold, provocative and fearless in their life and career choices. That is precisely why I count myself a devoted fan of Tilda Swinton and her daring, unpredictable nature […]

Why The Legend of Korra Found New Life on Netflix

While the show instantly won over a large group of fans there were still some detractors who blasted the show for “controversial” choices in relation to those questions and more. Adult Aang, seen in flashbacks, was much more serious than his goofy younger self. Certain characters weren’t as instantly beloved as the previous cast. Korra […]

Daytime Emmys 2021: Alex Trebek, Larry King Receive Posthumous Honors, as ‘Jeopardy,’ ‘Kelly Clarkson,’ ‘General Hospital’ Top Winners (Full List)

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences handed out the awards for this year’s broadcast portion of the 48th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards this Friday evening on CBS. Among the big winners: “Kelly Clarkson Show” won for best entertainment talk show, while Kelly Clarkson won for entertainment talk host. “General Hospital” was named top […]

The Boys: Antony Starr Believes Homelander is Misunderstood

Surely, however, there have to be some exceptions to that rule. Like, what if a character is the spitting metaphorical image of American fascism – draped in a red, white, and blue flag, shooting lasers out of his eyes, and refusing to lift a super-powered finger to save a crashing airplane? What about then? Well, […]