Did Rangers of the New Republic Plans Change Because of Gina Carano’s Firing?

Rangers of the New Republic, as described by Kennedy during last December’s Disney Investors Day event, would tie into the other shows, all of which would converge in a big crossover event. But who would star on the show and what would it be about? Reports pointed to Gina Carano, the actor who played mercenary […]

Tatino Films Launches Full Circle Lab in France

Tatino Films, a French production and consultancy company involved in industry events in Asia and Europe, is launching the Full Circle Lab, a new workshop program which will take place in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in France. Spearheaded by industry veteran Matthieu Darras, the Full Circle Lab will support six film projects during each session. Selected […]

Hannibal Fan Art Fuels Season 4 Hopes

The Cubist interpretation of Hannibal‘s Season 3 episode “Dolce”, which sees Will catching up to Hannibal in Florence, was created by New Jersey high school senior Kathleen Palmer, and is gorgeous (the U.S. Capitol should be so lucky to have this piece of art hanging in its hallowed halls). The Twitter rounds of the artwork […]

Army of the Dead Ending Explained

There’s a moment during Army of the Dead when a team led by former mercenary Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), on a mission to recover a casino owner’s cash from a vault in ruined, zombie-ravaged Las Vegas, comes upon the remains of a previous team seemingly sent into the city for the same reason. Ward’s right-hand […]