Beloved Song Will Return to Beloved Movie

Here’s some excellent news if you were one of the kids who watched their VHS copy of 1992’s The Muppet Christmas Carol so many times that it eventually stopped working. That song — you know, the really sad one — is in the process of being added to the movie after being unceremoniously cut. For […]

Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges Go Full Motherboy in the French Exit Trailer

Lucas Hedges is really settling into a groove of playing the doting son/nephew to an esteemed older woman as she goes through some sort of dramatic, yet highly luxurious, life change. First there’s this year’s Let Them All Talk, also known (not really) as Lucas Goes Cruising. Now, there’s the trailer for Azazel Jacobs’s upcoming […]

You Cannnot Unsee This Live-Action Pinocchio Trailer

The longer the nose, the louder the screams. Mio dio! In the first trailer for a live-action Pinocchio remake that’s not the one being concurrently pursued by Guillermo del Toro and Robert Zemeckis, literature’s favorite woodcarver, Gepetto (played by Italian icon Roberto Benigni), wills this terrifying puppet into existence during a fateful evening in his […]

Ariana Grande Comes Through With a Sweetener Tour Movie on Netflix

Turns out we did have some tears left to cry. Ariana Grande is switchin’ her position from the sultry grooves of her new album, Positions, back to the pop glory of 2018’s sweetener and 2019’s thank u, next. Now Excuse Me, I Love You, a sweetener world-tour concert film, is coming to Netflix on December […]

It’s Christmastime, So Let’s Watch Eyes Wide Shut for the 101st Time

Every week for the foreseeable future, Vulture will be selecting one film to watch as part of our Friday Night Movie Club. This week’s selection comes from Vulture senior reporter Lila Shapiro, who will begin her screening of Eyes Wide Shut on December 11 at 7 p.m. ET. Head to Vulture’s Twitter to catch her live commentary, and look ahead […]

A Brief Appreciation of the Incest Gnocchi in The Godfather: Part III

Blame it on Andy Garcia’s smirk. Middle-school-aged me was minding my own business one Saturday afternoon, flipping through TV channels to distract myself from homework, when that man’s smile in The Godfather Part III made me reconsider my devotion to Leonardo DiCaprio and Rider Strong. They were boys! Andy Garcia was a man! That mischievous […]

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Arrested on Gun and Drug Charges

Rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie was arrested in New Jersey on Monday in relation to alleged gun and drug possession, authorities said. The Bronx-born rapper, real name Artist J. Dubose, was charged with one count of unlawful possession of a handgun as well as one count of possession of marijuana, which is a disorderly […]

Hayley Williams Performs With Solo Band for the First Time for NPR Tiny Desk

Like many musicians, Hayley Williams had big plans for 2020, including touring without her band Paramore for the first time ever. She still released her solo debut Petals for Armor, but hasn’t gotten to show it off live, much less with a full band — until her Tiny Desk show, out today. The singer-songwriter played […]