Black Is King Works Best When Beyoncé Can Be Beyoncé

More interesting to me than all hour and 58 minutes of last year’s The Lion King remake was its press tour and how disinterested Beyoncé seemed to be with it. She’d made better movies (Dreamgirls, Obsessed), been on bigger platforms (her concert specials for HBO, Homecoming for Netflix), been a part of telling stories that […]

Bryan Singer Reportedly Filmed X-Men Stunt While on a Narcotic

Director Bryan Singer has been hit with several sexual-assault accusations throughout his career, all of which he has denied, including recent accusations that stretch back to the 1990s. But as a story from The Hollywood Reporter makes clear, his behavior on the set of the X-Men movies, Singer’s successful franchise work, was also erratic and […]

TIFF Announces 2020 Lineup: Spike Lee, Werner Herzog, and Regina King’s Directorial Debut

The Toronto International Film Festival will be much more “International” than “Toronto” this year because, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, many screenings, including all press and industry screenings, will be entirely virtual. On July 31, TIFF announced its 2020 programming slate, which has been reduced from the usual hundreds of films to 50 new […]

God Bless the Go-Go’s and This Documentary About the Go-Go’s

Ask people who grew up in the 1980s what the ’80s sounded like and you’ll get thousands of different answers that vary based on taste, background, age, or even the mood a person happens to be in that day. But ask them to imagine what the happiest, most cloud-free day sounded like in that decade, […]

Amy Seimetz’s Mirror Worlds

Amy Seimetz is laughing. The laughter is always triggered by things one might not normally laugh about, from the ravages of illness to the catastrophes of the pandemic. It ranges from a wry chuckle to a full-on roar, her head thrown back. This happens countless times as we talk about She Dies Tomorrow, the 38-year-old […]

Christopher Nolan Movies, Ranked by Whether I’d Risk My Life to See Them

One of Christopher Nolan’s favorite things to do — besides insist beyond reason and science that everyone visit a movie theater during a pandemic to see Tenet, because it is simply too cinematic to be seen in the safety of one’s own home — is to make movies wherein a female character dies tragically, subsequently […]

Black Is King, a Film by Beyoncé, Has Arrived

Beyhive, the moment has come. Black Is King, a film by Beyoncé, has hit Disney+. A reimagining of The Lion King, Black Is King is a visual album based on the music of The Lion King: The Gift, curated by none other than Queen Bey herself for last year’s remake that starred Donald Glover and […]

Evan Rachel Wood Does Her Best Elizabeth Holmes Voice in the Kajillionaire Trailer

For the past few years, pop culture has been enamored with scammers. Maybe that’s why Evan Rachel Wood has adopted the husky timbre of Silicon Valley blood-scamstress Elizabeth Holmes for her role as oddball Old Dolio in Miranda July’s latest film, Kajillionaire. Either that, or Wood’s voice is stuck that way from playing robots. After […]