Disney to Sell Baby Yoda Face Masks Because Capitalism

You can watch brand-new Disney movies via the studio’s streaming service, and now you can wear Disney characters on your face. The coronavirus pandemic is bending the economy to its will, so if you’ve got a huge stable of popular characters you can put on officially licensed crisis merch, why not go for it? CNN […]

Minnie Driver Answers Every Question We Have About Return to Me

Return to Me, written and directed by Bonnie Hunt in 2000, treads what has now — 20 years later — become vaguely familiar territory: Two people fall in love after one of them receives a heart transplant, only later realizing that the donated organ was once connected (often literally) to a key person in the […]

Thomas Piketty the Movie Is Coming to a Virtual Theater Near You

Seven years ago, economist Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century made him a bookshelf rock star, selling over 3 million copies of a 700-page book, which warned that the growing gap between the rich and everyone else would lead to social unrest and the erosion of democracy. He recently published a follow-up, Capital and […]

I Run a Paparazzi Agency and These Days the Celebs Are Harder to Spot

People want to see faces. They don’t want to see hats, face masks, glasses. They want to see eyes. In the history of photography, I don’t think we’ve had a situation where every celebrity is looking the same way — which is what’s happening now. The uniform is the face mask and/or the plastic gloves. […]

Our Mothers Digs Up Guatemala’s Painful Past

The Guatemala of the grim drama Our Mothers (Nuestras Madres) sits on top of a boneyard, its buildings crumbling into the earth as if to merge with their former, murdered inhabitants. The bones date back to the country’s 36-year civil war and, in particular, the carnage of the early 1980s, when army and paramilitary units […]

The Race to Make the First Coronavirus Documentary Has Begun

Earlier this year, when the novel coronavirus was largely limited to China and Stateside pandemic concerns were still in their relative infancy, filmmaker Matthew Heineman became “completely obsessed” with the emerging health crisis, unable to think about much else. Then America’s infection rate began to soar, and the director — who was nominated for an […]

AMC Theatres and Universal Are Beefing Over Trolls World Tour

Chance the Rapper warned us. In a scathing letter obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, AMC Theatres CEO and president Adam Aron said that AMC would no longer play any Universal movies at its theaters. The response comes after NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell told the press that due to the on-demand success of Trolls World Tour, […]

The Oscars Made the Right Call

Like all of Hollywood, the coronavirus quarantine has thrown the Oscars into tumult. For years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has seen itself as the defender of the theatrical experience, and has been loath to give up its rule mandating that films must play for a week in a Los Angeles theater […]