Everything We Learned From Woody Allen’s Controversial Memoir

In his new memoir, Apropos of Nothing, Woody Allen recounts his relationship with ex-partner Mia Farrow, his affair with Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, and his own adopted daughter Dylan Farrow’s molestation accusation against him. “I knew Mia was fond of telling people I had molested her underage daughter when in fact Soon-Yi was twenty-two, […]

Bloodshot Demonstrates the Limits of Vin Diesel’s Star Power

I don’t understand Vin Diesel’s stardom. Usually, even if I’m not personally beguiled by a star, I can understand their place in the Hollywood firmament — why they got there and what they speak to in the public imagination. This is not the case with Diesel. Hollywood history is littered with tough guys who bring […]

Missing the Live-Action Mulan? Try These 5 Movies

In a different reality, we’d right now be in the midst of Hollywood’s blockbuster season, enjoying the nearly weekly unveiling of a major event movie, including much anticipated sequels (F9), new installments of beloved properties (No Time to Die), and promising date-night fare (The Lovebirds). Instead, well, you’re cooped up in your place trying to […]

Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke on Being the First Celebrity Coronavirus Hoax

As the ancient proverb dictates, no international pandemic is complete without an accompanying celebrity hoax. In the case of our current global crisis, that honor was bestowed upon Daniel Radcliffe. In mid-March, a Twitter account with the handle @BBCNewsTonight reported that the actor had contracted coronavirus, making him “the first famous person to be publicly […]

How Birds of Prey Staged an R-Rated Molly Party

Birds of Prey starts with a breakup. After getting to know Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn as the obsessively devoted girlfriend to the Joker in Suicide Squad, director Cathy Yan’s new movie kicks off her grand tour of emancipation by showing her literally kicked to the curb by one of Mr. J.’s thugs. Soon after, she’s […]

Vivarium Director Lorcan Finnegan Is Aware of How Creepy His Movie Seems Now

The story of the movie Vivarium dates all the way back to 2011, when director Lorcan Finnegan and screenwriter Garret Shanley made a short film called Foxes, about a young couple that gets trapped in an empty housing development. Just rows of anodyne residences they can’t manage to escape, a prefab suburban wasteland. Finnegan says […]