Loki Episode 6 Review: For All Time. Always.

Loki Episode 6 If you thought Marvel’s Disney+ shows were done with Contact homages after Monica Rambeau’s transformation sequence in WandaVision, you thought wrong. The Loki season finale, “For All Time. Always.” opened with another one. We heard iconic dialogue from other MCU films, including Vision’s “What is grief, if not love persevering?” – which […]

Marvel Fans React to the Loki Finale

So, we now officially know that Marvel’s Loki will be back for Season 2, but this week it finished up its first season on Disney+ by blowing up the MCU as we know it and re-establishing the Marvel multiverse, which once existed but was actually at war with itself. Apparently, Miss Minutes was at least […]

As Tokyo Olympics Kick Off, Games Face Growing Controversies

There are billions of dollars at stake. NBCUniversal, which controls U.S. TV rights to the Olympics through 2032, is hoping that the athleticism on the field will eventually take over the narrative and bring solid ratings for the global event.