Inside No. 9: The ‘Wuthering Heist’ Ending They Ran Out of Time to Film

In the time that most television series are still putting their boots on, Inside No. 9 conjures entire narrative worlds, complete with characters, plot, gags, surprises and satisfying endings. Its half-hours are so densely packed, no TV offers better value for money or a more generous time-investment-to-reward ratio. The series six opener ‘Wuthering Heist’ is […]

In Batwoman Season 2, Superhero Trust Must Be Earned

Batwoman Season 2, Episode 13 Last week, Batwoman left Alice to fend for herself against the False Faces, after the two formed a temporary alliance to rescue Angelique and Ocean from the masked gang. Ryan’s choice not to help Alice escape Circe’s clutches may have been jarring for some, but Alice has always been a […]

Netflix’s Lupin Season 2 Release Date and Trailer: When Is Part 2 Coming Out?

According to the trailer above, Lupin Season 2 will drop on June 11th, and will see the gentleman thief looking for Raoul and working to enact his revenge against Hubert Pellegrini. Unfortunately, Assane has some serious obstacles, including the fact that he is “the most wanted man in France,” according to the news report in […]

Supergirl’s Midseason Finale Feels Like Filler

Supergirl Season 6 Episode 7 Supergirl’s mid-season finale goes for a high concept, Star Trek-feel, but the execution left a lot to be desired. Instead of being emotional, revelatory, or action-packed, the mid-season finale feels like a filler episode. While it technically manages to check all the boxes – Kara is rescued, Nyxly is coming […]

Emmy Predictions: Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie – Joel Edgerton and Ethan Hawke Could Duke It Out

Variety’s Awards Circuit is home to the official predictions for the upcoming Emmys ceremonies from film awards editor Clayton Davis. Following history, buzz, news, reviews and sources, the Emmy predictions are updated regularly with the current year’s list of contenders in all categories. Variety’s Awards Circuit Prediction schedule consists of four phases, running all year […]

Jupiter’s Legacy: Choreographing Superheroic Stunts

Stunt teams are some of the hardest working people in the industry. They literally put their lives on the line just to entertain us and yet there’s so little acknowledgement of their contributions. There is no Oscar for stunt work, but there should be. Netflix’s adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy has secured one of the industry’s […]

Disney Plus Hits 103.6 Million Subscribers as Rapid Growth Slows, ESPN Plus Perks Up

The jets kept firing for Disney Plus, which reached 103.6 million subscribers worldwide as of April 3, the company reported — although the growth was not as torrid as Wall Street hoped. The Mouse House’s flagship streaming service packed on 8.7 million global customers in the most recent quarter (up from 94.9 million at the […]